“ingeniously joining extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives”.

Our Costa del Sol, and Costa Tropical, privileged placea, loved by its people and therefore visitor and our Andalusian people, perhaps the most forgotten, and those who still seem to be asleep, hanging as many times from the side of one of our mothers Sierras. Many times forgotten and abandoned by their youth to the search for work and prosperity

Many others, visited by tourists eager to know our customs and more remote places .. 

What more beautiful challenge than preserving and promoting our roots? …

How to make a people prosper ?.

What do you think if we invest all in cleanliness, in order, in keeping the harmony and these houses that seem to have been preserved by magic, some already broken by the weight of the years?

Our challenge will be to raise again the beauty of its streets.

Our work:

We want to improve and rehabilitate the dilapidated dwellings, clean up the old ones, offer rents to the many young families without housing options on the coast of the coast.

We are going to create alternative ecological ways of life and


Our 1st objective:

“ingeniously joining extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives”.

Talk to us if you want to sell or buy, !!

valuing all the possibilities together is the only way to promote the town and its riches … and let’s get going. Already !


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