About us

Our work step by step.

If you are looking for a property investment opportunity in the wonderful southern spain you have come to the right place!

Our team at Mesa & Seidler has specialized on housing projects that are as unique as the people we represent. It is particularly important to us to pay attention to the needs of the individual customer. We do not work with package solutions and standard designs.

Step 1: Getting to know each other

In our first meeting we will gather information about your property and go through all the details of the selling-process. To make sure you feel satisfied at all times, a communicative relationship between all parties will be maintained throughout the mediation process.

Step 2: The concept

A good business opportunity requires a strong concept. It is our task to present your property in its best light, help you with not only the renovations but also the marketing and sales strategy as well as customer acquisition. Our photographers and designers will create a brochure for your property. Advertisement will be done by digital media, newspaper and through our contacts and unique advertising services. 

Step 3: Architecture, design, innovation

In this step our renovations using high quality local products like stones, raw materials, plants, YTONG etc. take place. It is crucial to focus on sustainability and work with the environment. The main goal is to achieve quality of live and create a space where anyone would like to live in.

Step 4: The ultimate sales strategy

The renovation work is done and the property is ready to be advertised. We make sure that your property finds a new loving owner!

We assess:

– Location

– Construction quality

– Value of the property

– Plot quality and value

We have a strong network of potential buyers, but also a network to bring sellers closer to buyers in order to achieve a successful business. This applies regardless of the price range or mode.   

Our business model is really simple: dedication, hard work and the ability to see the full potential of each home. Once you collaborate with us, you will feel our commitment and professionalism in every way.

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